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Digital services of Digital Octapus Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

Increase your brand awareness and drive relevant traffic and direct sales through advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Engage and expand your followers across the world with social media marketing. Increase your brand awareness and drive direct sales.

Google Ads

Bring relevant traffic, ready to buy from you, to your website through advertising on Google search engine, YouTube and more.


Search Engine Optimization drives traffic to your website by ranking high in search engines for specific keywords. Can be Technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Web Development

A website is your online business so you need to take care of it like the physical one.

Business Website

A modern, fast and responsive website is a necessity in our times so you can grab your visitor’s attention and let them know what your business is about.

E-commerce website

An e-shop will enable you to scale your business and expand your target audience. But also, it will help you grow your business across the country or further and be open 24/7/365.
That's why you need a fast, secure and responsive e-shop to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Personal Sites & Blogs

Your personal website is good for you, your data and your career. 
Having a personal website helps you to influence people and add value to them by sharing your knowledge.

Cloud Hosting Servers

Host your website or app on powerful, fast and secure cloud servers to make sure your customers can reach you anytime from anywhere.

Domain Registration

Your domain is your identity and how people remember your brand and what it represents, so make it count. 

WordPress Performance Optimizations

Optimize your website to load faster, lower the bounce rate and rank higher.

Database Optimization

Make your database more efficient and faster by deleting the unnecessary data, cleaning up your tables and retrieving space lost to data fragmentation. 

Speed Optimization

Fine-tune your pages on every device because nobody likes a slow website and especially you if you lose customers from bouncing or if Google penalizes you for being slow.

Our Process

We go deep into understanding your business values and processes, to provide you with the best solution that will eventually fulfill your business goals.
The digital services provided by Digital Octapus are specifically tailored to help small and medium-sized businesses attract more leads, walk-in traffic and increase sales with the maximum possible ROI.

First Contact
In the first contact with you, we gather all necessary information to come up with the optimum user experience for your clients and we design a detailed plan to help us reach your goals.

We embark on extensive data gathering, create user personas, and define the steps of the process we will put on the table. Additionally, we conduct a competitive analysis & technical assessment and refine the scope of work to propose the ideal solution.
Evaluating Your Needs
In the second phase we begin the user experience design. We define how a customer interacts with your business and we create wireframes and appropriate look and feel. Also, we decide together which digital services that we provide are the appropriate for your case that will bring the highest ROI.
Beginning the Design Process
To stay faithful to your brand we also design any additional assets necessary for our project.

Soon, we present to you various demos of the website, social media posts, SEO strategy, or relevant material for our project so you can choose, before we conclude the designs.
Putting Everything Together
During the development phase we take the assets produced in the desgin process and build them into the final deliverable. We configure the back-end system and develop any additional necessary functionalities.

This way, we give you full control over your website’s or campaigns' aesthetics.
Quality Control
During the Quality Control process, we compare the initial goals against the finished product to identify any possible discrepancy. If any is found, we will fix it and test again to ensure maximum compliance.

Once we ensure that everything works perfectly, we give you access to the project to test if yourself as well.
We will train you on how to use your website so you are independent and feel confident to work on it daily. If we are doing digital marketing for you as well, then we schedule the posts, ad campaigns to launch together.

Then we schedule the official launch and your new dynamic business.
Post-Launch Assessments
After the launch of our project together, we evaluate the first results and continue to support you closely. It's obvious that our business relationship just began with this first step and there are many more ahead of us, as we will continue to provide support to all our projects when they need it.

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