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Host your website on powerful, fast and secure cloud hosting servers to make sure your customers can reach you anytime from anywhere really fast.

The best Cloud Server Hosting for fast, stable and secure websites | Digital Octapus Marketing Agency in Cyprus and Greece

Cloud web hosting uses a virtual network of cloud servers to host a single site ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

The quality of the server is always related to a website’s loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. The server is the “house” where you put your website and base your business in. The domain is the “address” where people will find your business.

Provides remote access to off-premises virtual servers and associated resources for a monthly subscription without the up-front cost, delays, and labor of purchasing, setting up, managing, and maintaining physical server hardware themselves, on-site. Cloud hosting remains to be a prominent deployment option for clients of all industries and sizes.

Because it offers stability, high performance and the ability to scale.

  • Enterprise-grade cloud platform
  • High performance
  • High uptime and availability
  • Stable and reliable service
  • Always secure, always available
  • Scheduled backups
  • Scalable and cost-effective
  • Server-level firewall

Before choosing the server size and capabilities, we perform an analysis of:

  • the current traffic (if applicable) or an estimate of future traffic
  • website interface and capabilities (static or dynamic)
  • cache bypassing rate (e-commerce, learning platform, news portal, etc)
  • user interactions with the website
  • current resource usage (if applicable)

and then we decide on the server size and power to always maximize efficiency and cost-saving. 

  • Managed hosting
  • Easy and flexible scaling
  • Data centers worldwide
  • The cloud offers redundant servers
  • The cloud enhances software capabilities
  • Safety from server hardware issues

The cost increases based on the amount of storage, bandwidth, CPU cores, and memory required for the server.

The cloud server hosting packages we offer have fixed pricing based on the allocated resources your business will need. We take in account a lot of variables, such as the allocated:

  • CPU cores
  • RAM size
  • size of storage
  • bandwidth
  • frequency and retention period of backups
  • IP addresses
  • Management services for the server.

Cloud servers are generally more expensive than equivalent resources on a dedicated or VPS server. That’s because the resources on cloud hosting are considered high-availability and high-performance in that each component of a Cloud server is redundant across CPU, storage, and networking.

This means that when a node hosting a cloud server goes offline, the resources are automatically migrated to a new node automatically in order to minimize downtime.

Cloud Server Hosting Pricelist

Shared Server 1

€5/mo (+VAT)

Shared Server 2

€10/mo (+VAT)

Shared Server 3

€20/mo (+VAT)

Shared Server 4

€40/mo (+VAT)

Shared Server 5

€80/mo (+VAT)

Dedicated Server 1

€35/mo (+VAT)

Dedicated Server 2

€68/mo (+VAT)

Dedicated Server 3

€112/mo (+VAT)

Dedicated Server 4

€218/mo (+VAT)

Dedicated Server 5

€324/mo (+VAT)

Extra paid add-ons

Features of Cloud Server Hosting


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Your competitors have more up-time
and don't crash during Sales season.
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Your competitors have more up-time and don't crash during Sales season.
Are you going to stay behind?

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