WordPress Database Optimization

Optimize your database to be smaller and faster by deleting unnecessary data and retrieving space lost to data fragmentation.

Wordpress Database Optimization by Digital Octapus Marketing Agency in Cyprus and Greece

Database optimization is the strategy of reducing database system response time.

WordPress database optimization refers to a variety of strategies for reducing database system response time.
Databases can store tremendous amounts of information, so thoughtful design that carefully addresses functional needs is the foundation of performance enhancement, thus increasing your website speed.

Because nobody ever said “i’m happy to wait for this thing to load”.

  • As data grows with time, it will start to affect the performance
  • Bottlenecks might appear
  • Queries will run slower
  • You might run out of storage
  • Your website’s bounce rate will increase
  • You will lose visitors and potential clients
  • Delete old post data and post meta
  • Delete post revisions and limit the amount of new ones
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete unused tags
  • Delete expired transients
  • Optimize database tables

Database Optimization in WordPress requires technical work, however it’s not expensive for the average website. 

By using query monitor tools, we can understand if your website is facing a database bottleneck and we can fix it. 

We have two payment plans for Database Optimization:

  • Pay montly for a scheduled optimization to ensure continuous performance
  • Pay per project, when you need us

WordPress Database Optimization Pricelist

Standard Optimization

€80/once + €5/mo

Advanced Optimization

€240/once + €15/mo

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Your website is feeling slow
due to slow queries from the Database?

Your website is feeling slow due to slow queries from the Database?

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